That awkward moment when you realize the moral high ground is just a lump at the bottom of a moral well.

Bozo the Clown was a respected entertainer; let's not sully his good name by dragging him into this. (via redditor fortuna_spins_you)

This photo, allegedly from Cambridge, MA (or "Boston" as people from Harvard call it), shows the risk of trying to use social outrage as a weapon in the war on crime. Social outrage used to be a GREAT tool. In small societies of yesteryear, shame helped keep crime low because everyone knew one another and reputations last a lifetime. In the 20th Century, the increasing anonymity of modern life meant shame was a declining force in crime prevention. But, with the advent of the Internet and the ability to treat the whole world like a small village with long and bitter memories, shame is making a comeback. NOT THE WAY THIS GUY HOPED, THOUGH. Now everyone in this neighborhood knows there's a smug know-it-all who's too self-absorbed to notice handicap signs in his area. And now, thanks to the Internet, the whole world knows, too.

Sources: redditor fortuna_spins_you