How far would you go to get a pair of very expensive sneakers? If you are me, the answer is not far at all. But sneakerheads are their own brand of crazy, as was reinforced on Wednesday, when a man in Louisville, Ky. drove his car into the exterior of a store to break in and steal the new Air Jordan sneakers being released this Saturday.

According to CBS Detroit, police believe that the destruction to the City Gear store was created by a car crashing into the back of the store, and that the robber, who has yet to be identified stole "lots" of the Air Jordans. Amongst the debris were some boxes of the Air Jordan XI sneakers that were left behind. No injuries were reported.


Air Jordans are already a much-coveted sneaker amongst people cool enough to follow sneaker releases, but this release was even more special as it was a celebration of the 20th anniversary of everyone's favorite 90's nostalgia-inducer: Space Jam. Was the robber just a Jordan collector trying to get ahead of the lines that are surely wrapping around blocks today? Or just a really big fan of Space Jam? Or maybe they're strictly a business person who has no other intention but to flip the sneakers on the black market for a pretty penny.

Well, sneakers may come and go, but at least there is one thing that will always stay the same: the Space Jam web site, which has not changed or been updated since 1996.

Sources: CBS Detroit