Imagine a world where you can legally carry a gun around a college campus but you can't carry a dildo. Hilarious! Anyway, that world exists. It's called Texas. And students are fighting back, with dildos.


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The state passed a new law, which went into effect on August 1, allowing concealed guns in classrooms and on college campuses. But state-wide "obscenity" rules still prohibit people from carrying sex toys on college campuses.

To protest these "absurdities," students showed up to the University of Texas Austin on their first day of classes yesterday carrying giant dildos. "Texas has decided it is not all obnoxious or illegal to allow deadly concealed weapons on campus," said Jessica Jin, who spearheaded (lol) the “Cocks Not Glocks” protest. "But walking around with a dildo could land you in trouble."

The protest has been in the works since October of last year, when the Facebook event for Cocks Not Glocks went viral. "ANYBODY can participate in solidarity: alum, non-UT students, people outside of Texas," it read. "Come one dildo, come all dildos."

And yesterday, they came. Hundreds of free sex toys were handed out on campus thanks to donations from Hustler, a few porno companies, and the Austin sex shop Dreamers. And protesters were chanting slogans like “if you are packing heat, we are packing meat." Others got extra creative:

This protest seems like fun. But protesters were serious about their mission to repeal the new campus carry law. “It’s scary to think that at any moment you could be next to a person carrying a gun," said UT sophomore Bianca Montgomery. "And if they go off their rocker, like a lot of people do in college, it is game over for anyone nearby."

Handing out dildos is a breach of the school’s obscenity rules, but the university gave protesters a pass, because of free speech. Viva la resistance!

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