To be fair, a 1981 IBM personal computer runs better than the current government.

Yesterday was the Chicago Marathon, and it featured the most inspirational runner in recent memory, as well as this sign that drains inspiration from all who see it. It's not that the sign isn't funny, or doesn't make a point (besides the importance of planning out where you're going to put the last 4 letters in "Government"), it's just that thinking about the hostage situation in DC pretty much ruins whatever you're doing at the moment. It's interesting to wonder what would happen if the government actually ran the race, however. The first few hours would probably be contractors bidding to carry the government across the race, followed by lobbyists altering the course so that it runs by businesses owned by wealthy supporters, and finally a two-month delay because someone attached a rider to the starter gun so that it can't be fired without defunding the Affordable Care Act.

Sources: redditor brandonRAP