I was very surprised to learn that this wasn't a Tim and Eric sketch.

Thank god it doesn't turn into an orgy. (via Volga Video/YouTube)

Pop culture from other countries is weird, especially when it's retro. The barrier of other cultures is hard to penetrate when we don't have context, and a gap in generational understanding only makes it worse. I don't mean to suggest that America is by any means "normal"—I'm sure any foreigner who has taken a look at our cultural relics probably thinks we're a bunch of crazies—but regardless, it's always fun to find a music video or TV show from a different place and time to WTF at. Our latest piece of mind-baffling entertainment comes from Tollywood, a subset of Indian cinema centered in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and spoken in the Telugu language. It's from a 1985 film called Adavi Donga. Basically, the male and female lead dance with a bunch of people in animal costumes, and shit gets freaky.

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