One Tennessee woman thought she had a license to print money, and that it came from the highest authority.

Pamela Downs, self-appointed treasurer. (via Kingsport Police Department)

Usually, when people say "Thanks Obama!" they're being sarcastic. But not Pamela Downs of Kingsport, Tennessee. Until Sunday, she though the president's policies would make her rich.

According to the Times-News, Downs was arrested after attempting to use a counterfeit $5 bill at a grocery store. A close examination of the bill revealed that it was printed on computer paper, and that the two sides had been glued together. When questioned, Downs said that she had received the bill in change from a gas station, but when police examined her purse, they found a counterfeit $100 bill. This one was made in the same way, except the back was glued on upside down. Her purse also contained a Walmart receipt for copy paper and a printer. I'm no detective, but I think I can deduce what was going on.

Sources: The Times-News