There's one thing we do know for sure about this footage of a UFO next to a Virgin Atlantic plane: It's a viral sensation!

I Want To Believe that this video can get a lot of clicks. (via YouTube)

I feel like I can trust people who say they have UFO footage because they always use their real, full names. Like the guy who shot this footage at JFK Airport on July 7, his name is... oh. The DailyMail article doesn't say. Well, at least there's Rick, the man who posted the video on LookNowTV, a YouTube channel that posts UFO videos. Yup, good ol' Rick... uh, Rick... huh. We don't have his last name.

Anyway, even though this video's been up for over a month, this UFO that looks like a dark, blurry grain of rice has just now captured the hearts, minds, and conspiracy theories of the Internet:

Sources: DailyMail | LookNowTV