People say some pretty odd things sometimes, and it's even odder when the person saying them to you is a complete stranger (okay, debatable. Weird is weird). Over on Reddit, people are talking about the weirdest things a stranger has ever said to them, whether it's scary, sad, funny, or just plain nonsensical.

1. DeepDoughbeast had to protect his popcorn.

There was an off kilter man around the leisure center near me when I was in my low teens. He got booted for trying to wrestle my popcorn away from me. As they were escorting him out he said "he's too young! You gotta be 300 before you're allowed to eat popcorn!"

I hope his loved ones helped him.


2. It could have been worse, matthewshore.

Someone yelled 'sausage supper' at me as they drove past. This was maybe 20 years ago, and I still think about maybe once every 6 months. It still baffles me.

3. Cestlabri's hair was compared to fruit by an overly-comfortable stranger.

Old man: "What do you call that hair colour?"

Me: "Red, I guess."

Old man, leaning over and stroking my hair: "I like strawberries. Let's call it strawberry."

4. What kind of weird Google salesman was loveandasandwich dealing with?

A guy at a bar walked up to me suddenly and asked 'Hey are you that girl whose brother died recently?' I wasn't...but what if I was? Not the best opening line either way. I went and told a friend about it and she recognized him as someone who came up to her and a friend at the same bar and his opening line was 'Excuse me, I'm not attracted to either of you girls at all but I was just wondering if you have ever tried Google Plus?'


5. Hey, PM_ME_STEAM_C0DES_, just like Shakira said, "Hips don't lie."

"You have good birthing hips" I'm a guy.

6. Stetsosaur and his wife must have been young at heart.

Wife and I (both 24) were waiting for an elevator. Door opens, there's one dude in there, also going down. We smile to acknowledge him and step into the elevator. He immediately steps out right after. He turns around, looks at us and says, "I don't deal with kids," and the doors close and we ride down alone. People are weird.


7. Onceinabluemew was fat-shamed in the weirdest way.

I've posted this before, but a guy came up to me once and asked if I had a light for a smoke. Before I get a chance to respond he says, "No wait, you're too fat to smoke," and walked away.

8. Mcwaggles phone call didn't result in a change in the store hours.

Some guy called my job asking what time we opened, so I told them. Seems normal so far right? Well, he follows up with "What if I give you a blowjob?"


9. Orremove555 is probably a little more cautious about shaking strangers' hands now.

"Shake my hand!"

I shake his hand.

"I just jerked off!" Then he walks off, leaving his girlfriend behind. She simply said, "He did," and walked off, too.

10. TheThingsYou-Learn almost got a soul in exchange for his hair.

They started stroking my hair (super curly) and whispered "I'd sell my soul for your hair". This was in the parking lot of the grocery store when I was 10.

11. Shawnanicole134's customer was rude, but fair.

I'm a server and as I dropped off the check to one of my tables I said "have a great rest of your day" like I always do and the guy looks at me dead in the eye and says "you don't give a shit about me" then leave me a 40% tip. Such a weird moment.


12. Spinquin had to have wondered if Tracy was the dog.

me " your dog is so cute mam"

old lady " yeah well that's what that whore Tracy wants you to think"

me "........"

13. Thaa123 dealt with some super strange version of racism.

Some drunk guy came up to me and Said:" i hope you have a great evening even though you're BLACK!"..... Racism aside the weird thing is that I'm 100% Caucasian.

14. A similar thing happened to funk4brainz

I was in Walmart and this guy comes up to me touching my hair and says "I just love negroid hair. It's so interesting". I'm also 100% Caucasian with red hair and freckles.


15. NoOne0507 still doesn't know who the guitar player was.

At a gas station at 2AM. A guy yells "HEY!" really loud.

I think "oh shit I'm about to get mugged"

"HEY!" he shouts again. I look at him, and he continues "were you aware that (some guitar player) died?!"


He then proceeds to have a drunken conversation about him with me. After what I thought was an amicable conversation, he mugged me.

Edit: this was spring 2013. It wasn't Dimebag. Still don't remember who the guitar player was, but I'm sure reddit investigators can figure that out.


16. Lucky andobrien knew a bit of trivia.

Two guys came up to me while i was gassing up my car and asked "Hey do you know what the plastic tip of a shoelace is called?" i did and said, "it's called an aglet." One turns to the other and "see bitch, i told you." They went inside, i finished putting gas in my car and just as I'm about to leave the guy stops me, gives me a snickers bar and leaves.

17. A homeless man saved shetrotsthemoon from something that is definitely not a threat.

My first time in a NYC subway.

I walk down one level and need to get down to the next. A huge homeless man is standing at the top of the stairs screaming at each person who goes down, "don't do it! Don't go down there! The lesbians will eat you!" He turns around, facing me and walks away from the stairs muttering to himself, "saving people from lesbians and shit."


18. Stellalugosi's aunt had a run-in with a truly odd bird enthusiast.

My aunt worked in a blood bank at the front desk. One day an older gentleman walked in, stared at her for a second, pulled out a book about the care and feeding of parakeets, and just said, "PARAAAKEEEETS!" in a sing-songy voice, then turned and walked back out again.

19. Carlyone had one of the saddest sounding encounters I've ever heard of.

Me and my little brother was walking though the subburb to get to the post office and collect a package. When we were almost all the way there, a tall bearded man with wild hair and a dirty pink onesie put himself between us and the post office. He was maybe 50 and looked like a typical "I've been an alcoholic my whole life" kind of person. In his arms he held a wild hare that he somehow had caught. He said to us:

"Do you see this bunny"

"Uh, yeah?"

And with the most sad voice I have heard he said, "Isn't life just completely worthless?" And then he walked on.