A woman named Tracy Proctor from the UK says her house is haunted by a "protective" man-hating ghost who has chased away all her boyfriends and male visitors for the past 14 years, the Daily Mail reports. Girl, same.

The 52-year-old caregiver said the spirit moves items like keys and e-cigarettes around her home (maybe it's just trying out a healthier alternative to smoking?). But even creepier, it keeps pulling down the underwear of her antique dolls.

That's messed up, ghost.

But the worst part? "Many men have been driven out from my home," says the mother-of-two. Both of her sons, Glynn, 31, and Alec, 24, moved out because of the ghost, she claims. And her current and former boyfriends have reportedly had ghostly "encounters" as well.

"It does seem to affect the males around me because of what has happened with my sons and partners," Proctor told the Daily Mail. "It has definitely stopped me having relationships and if I meet someone then I know what is going to happen and that I am not going to see them again if they come back to mine."


There's even an interview with Proctor where an eery white orb appears in the video. Check it out (ghost appears around 0:04):

So, why doesn't she just call the Ghostbusters or an exorcist? Or move? Good questions. And that's because this story has a twist. Proctor revealed that while all of her exes have left her because of the ghost, she's actually gotten "used to it."


She said:

But for me it's quite a nice feeling actually because when I am feeling low, I can feel like a cloak coming over me and it is like the spirit is protecting me.

Other people might not be interested in it and think that I am quite crazy but it seems to have looked after me while I have been in this house and nothing bad has ever happened.

A ha! It seems to me like Tracy is developing feelings for this ghost. And no judgment here. You love who you love. Besides, all these living, breathing men have ghosted Tracy, but the actual ghost has stuck around. Sounds like a keeper.

Sources: Daily Mail