The Truth Is Out There, if the truth you're talking about is the truth that humans see human-like shapes everywhere.

Female Figure on Mars
I added that red circle. It would be weird if the Curiosity Rover just put random red circles around things. (via NASA)

There are a lot of hopes that people had for NASA's Curiosity Rover when it landed on Mars. But that li'l rover has done something truly wonderful: taken a photograph of something blurry enough for UFO people to decide it's probably a woman, and thus proof of humanoid life on the red planet.

Close up of female figure
Yup. That's definitely a Martian tribute to Rose standing on the end of the Titanic. (via NASA)

The image truth was brought to light by UFO Sightings Daily, a site that I'm sure is very legitimate despite the fact that it looks like its logo was designed in 1996. UFO Sightings Daily has some pretty key thoughts on the "woman partly cloaked," but most importantly:

The woman seems to have breasts.

Fucking. Sweet.

But you guys, I hope your brain is sitting down, because your mind is about to be blown: WHAT IF ON MARS, IT'S THE MEN THAT HAVE THE TITS AND NOT THE LADIES?????

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