North Carolina woman Glenda Blackwell, 57, was sent out by her husband to purchase two Powerball tickets. Instead, she bought a scratch-off ticket to show him that winning the lottery was impossible, even when game the has way better odds. She won $1 Million.

"I was going to be ugly and buy a scratch off to show him they didn’t hit," Blackwell told WLOS. "Sometimes I get aggravated with him, so I tell him, 'You're just wasting your money.'"


She invested that wasteful Powerball cash into a much more meaningful $10 Carolina Millions scratch-off ticket and came back with a sweet mill.

"I had to eat my words, but they were worth eating," Blackwell said because she hasn't yet hired someone to do all of her talking. "So, I was very happy."

And before you go assuming she's going to become one of those people who lets winning the lottery ruin her life, here's how she plans to spend the loot.


We've struggled a lot, so now we can buy our own home and our own land. It'll be paid for and I don't have to worry about that no more. So, that's what I plan to do with some of the money and the other part I plan to help my daughter and to put money up for my two granddaughters for college.

So there.