Meet Wrinkles the Clown, the clown in Southwest Florida who will terrify you, your friends, or your children for just a few hundred bucks in cash. What a deal! Wrinkles looks like the stuff nightmares are made of, almost as scary as a clown that appears late night in a cemetery. He's now well known in the area for his antics and services, but before his creepiness became legendary, he just dressed like this for fun.

Ever since these kids put me on the Internet, my phone rings non-stop. It's ridiculous.

That's right, Wrinkles was just walking around like that trying to drum up some new business before some kids put him on the Internet. Because as if walking around like that isn't terrifying enough, a cheap latex mask and a body suit aren't exactly the most comfortable things to wear in South Florida. And there's something else notable about Wrinkles: his thick Rhode Island accent, which is perhaps scarier than his mask. 

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