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1. Beyonce and Solange communicated via a silent Instagram feud. A Beyonce Instagram photo is worth way more than a thousand words—this is Queen Bey we're talking about. Earlier this week, footage was released showing Jay-Z getting beat up by sister-in-law Solange Knowles in an elevator following the Met Gala. Since then, the country has watched, captivated, as the two sisters communicated their feelings about each other via photos posted to and removed from a social media site. First, Solange took down nearly all her photos of Beyonce from Instagram. Then on Wednesday, Beyonce reaffirmed their sisterhood by posting four photos of Solange to her Instagram. Solange, apparently moved by Beyonce's act of contrition, shared two new photos of the stars as little girls on Thursday, one of which she has since taken down. All of which brings us to today, when the two women, along with Jay-Z, released a statement saying they had moved on from this family matter. Clearly, the Instagram family therapy session worked, but I won't feel totally satisfied until Jay-Z posts a photo of the three of them hugging.