I'll make a man out of your door. (Via Imgur)

Redditor bran_liggers recently moved into an apartment that the landlord described as being "damaged." While I'm tempted to guess what would cause bran_liggers to make a hasty decision like moving into a damaged apartment sight unseen (fleeing the mob, fleeing an ex-girlfriend, fleeing a flea infestation), I'm more curious as to why the landlord would use the word "damaged" to describe the place. He should have described it as, "awesomely improved."

No reason to get all bent out of shape just because the bathroom door is. Look at this expert craftsmanship! Sure, the previous tenant probably broke the door accidentally, but accidents are just opportunities disguised as doors. (Is that a quote? It should be!)  It would be easy to just replace the door with a boring new one, but this one has character! Literally, a character from the Disney film Mulan. And if Mulan can become a man to defeat the huns, then this door can become one of the other characters (Shang) to defeat the monotonous trend of non-broken-and-then-decorated bathroom doors.