The 16% is all fiscal I swear! (via Time Magazine)

It seems like it's been a whole week since we all got excited to let an online quiz tell us who we are. Yesterday the Time Magazine website jumped into the "making grand assumptions about people based on a handful of personality traits" game with their personality quiz that can predict your politics using nothing but your answers to twelve questions about stuff you like.

This is the Internet. Who's not picking cats? (via Time Magazine)

With hard-hitting inquiries like "Dog vs. Cat," "Action Movie vs. Documentary" and "Times Square vs. The Metropolitian Museum of Art" (come on, that just tests whether you live in New York or not...which I guess is as good a predictor of liberalism as any), the test claims to tell you your left-right makeup. I got 84% liberal (or "libtard" in the parlance of our commenters) and 16% conservative (or "People who tweet the hashtag #BENGHAZI" in the parlance of 84% of me).