The ultimate irony is that God made the most unholy of creatures seem like it's perpetually standing in a pious way.

Like a green scorpion with the head of an alien being, the mantis blends in with his surroundings in an attempt to evade God's justified wrath. (image via Thinkstock)

The word "mantis" comes from a Greek word meaning "prophet," but no prophecy could foretell the utter horror that is The Praying Mantis. Able to quickly slice through every bit of prey with its raptorial legs (including, dear reader, its own kind), the mantis is far from a seer of God's will, and more in tune with a robotic killing machine from Terminator.

A mantis peeks out from behind a leaf, to see if the coast is clear to destroy any number of God's finer creations. (image via Thinkstock)

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