Lord, grant me the strength to look upon giraffes and not question how any Earthly creature of its sort fits into your plan.

Giraffes staring out over the plains, wondering if anywhere on God's green Earth is really meant for them. (via Thinkstock)

Scripture tells us that when God made Eve for Adam, he used one of Adam's ribs. What part of an animal God used to make the giraffe will remain a mystery until the sands of time run out. It's almost as if God took a snake, attached it to a camel, and had it mate with a cheetah. What sick mind would shape reality in such a way?

I shudder to think what reason an all-powerful being had to make such an awkward beast. Perhaps this being (and therefore all of life?) is some huge joke played on us by some sinister force merely trying to amuse itself by making weirder and weirder animals. I pray this is untrue.

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