Kelly Osborne posted a perplexing picture on Instagram yesterday.

#CallMeRachel #MyCasualLook
A photo posted by Kelly Osbourne (@kellyosbourne) on

That's Osborne, wearing a wig, dressed up as the white-person-pretending-to-be-black-person of our time, Rachel Dolezal. She captioned it with the hashtags #CallMeRachel and #MyCasualLook.

This picture very aptly brings to mind some poignant questions. Like, why did Osborne do this? And, did she check with anyone to see if they thought this was a good idea? And, how did this happen? So fascinating to think about.

A week ago, Osborne posted an Instagram photo of Dolezal with the caption "This has utterly shocked me. It's a #WholeNewLevelOfWrong," followed by the screaming face emoji. So we know that her initial take on the issue matched the national consensus. But somewhere along the way, she must have decided she needed to address this issue in a more baffling way.

Sources: h/t Jezebel