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Woman puts out neighbor's fire with hose; says 'there's a fire ban.' He threatens cops.

Woman puts out neighbor's fire with hose; says 'there's a fire ban.' He threatens cops.


If you live in Eastern Canada or the Eastern United States you're currently experiencing some of the worst air quality in the world due to wildfire smoke from Canadian wildfires. People are being told to stay inside, and refrain from starting fires, having BBQ's, and doing anything else that will contribute to this 'dangerous air quality.'

The story below takes place in Halifax, NS, right in the heart of the fire zone.

'AITA for putting out my neighbour's fire with my garden hose while we’re on a fire ban?'

Our entire area is on an extremely strict fire ban. I was out watering my garden once the sun went down, and my neighbour was out lighting up a campfire.

I yelled over and told him we’re on a fire ban (as if he didn’t know, our entire area is covered in smoke from the fires) and he yells back that it’s contained and we’re “not in a forest so who cares” so I took my hose and I soaked his entire fire pit and all of the wood I could see.

He started screaming profanities at me and tells me he’s going to call the cops. I told him to call, as they will tell him that he was in the wrong as we’re on a fire ban.

There have been many homes destroyed, animals who have lost their lives, and firefighters out there who are trying their best to contain it. Why have an open fire when it is not necessary? AITA here?

Update: just for context our sky is literally orange and filled with smoke already. There are weather alerts for smoke pollution, etc.

Here's what people had to say to OP:

StanielBlorch says:

Most places that have fire ban ordinances also have an exception for 'contained' fires -- usually of the outdoor grill variety.

Electrical_Summer492 OP responded:

There are 2 problems here. 1. There is a ban on ALL outdoor fires including bbqs, smokers etc. and 2. His fire pit is a hole in the ground surrounded by about 15 bricks, next to brown, dead grass - 15 feet from both of our houses.

Mauser224 writes:

I don't understand all the N T A here... You are in the right, but you are definitely the a**hole for how you handled it. It's his property, you should not be trespassing. His fire was not causing an immediate danger. Go inside and call the fire department. Let them handle it. YTA.

Electrical_Summer492 Op responded:

How is it trespassing? I’m confused. I was 100% on my own property the entire time lol

clauclauclaudia writes:

Your water. Your water was trespassing. /s

Electrical_Summer492 OP responded:

Oh yes. God forbid

OccamsJello writes:

Just out of curiosity, where are you?

I'm in New Jersey, about 20 miles from NYC, and it is WILD here! Everything is covered in ash and tinted reddish orange. I've never seen anything like it before, and I used to live in both Washington and California

Electrical_Summer492 OP responded:

Halifax, Nova Scotia! You are getting the overflow from us. Please be careful, I’m not sure what it’s like out there but I wish you all the best!! Stay safe

-TheDayITriedToLive- writes:

You are the best hoser! Stay safe :)
Love from BC

Electrical_Summer492 OP responded:

Thank you!!! You stay safe as well ❤️

Aggressive-Set-4307 writes:

The sun? What sun?

Electrical_Summer492 OP responded:

Literally, you can’t tell. I kind of just went by the time of day.

Alexir23 writes:

Do you care if you were the a**hole? I think it's okay to be an a**hole if you're dealing with imbeciles

Electrical_Summer492 OP responded:

Ehhhh, I mean, no. Lol. I just wanted input from outsiders! I definitely think I was an AH but for good reason.

yungingr writes:

Firefighter here. NTA. But you handled it wrong. You should have not said anything to him in the first place, gone inside, and reported the fire. The penalties and fines for an open fire in a burn ban can be severe.

Electrical_Summer492 OP responded:

I definitely should have, I was going to call in on him but I felt I would be taking away from actual emergencies in the area. If I can handle it with my garden hose I will lol!

Thank you for your input, and greatly appreciate the work you do! ❤️

DottedUnicorn writes:

This is one of those perfect examples of why we need a JAH (justified a-hole) acronym. Well played Sir!

Electrical_Summer492 OP responded:

Yes, thank you! I’m 6 months pregnant and not having any of this sh- !

No-Friendship-7250 writes:

Y T A because you didn’t spray him too. He sounds like a hot head and the three things you need to build a fire is fuel, oxygen, and a spark — and he was definitely about to explode.

NTA. I mean, could you have handled it better? Perhaps, but starting a fire in that condition was not only affecting him but you and the rest of the neighborhood.

Electrical_Summer492 OP responded:

Lol I love this response. I honestly wish I would have sprayed him too! Thank you

AGirlHasNoName2018 writes:

NTA but next time call the fire department. It’s their job to take care of things like this and you can even do so anonymously to protect yourself from retaliation. Source: am fire department

Electrical_Summer492 OP responded:

For sure! I would have called the fire department though, with everything going on here I felt that it would be taking them away from real emergencies when I could handle this myself.

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