Clearly a sign you should not go outside. (via)

I took a poll of me, and 100% of respondents thought it was too damn cold today. It's in the single digits here in New York, and we know that seems like nothing to those of you dealing with sub-zero temperatures in the Midwest. Let's all keep ourselves warm over a nice toasty fire of Schaudenfreude—at least we're not as cold as the suckers who took these photos.

This is what it looks like when a dog decides he doesn't need to go that badly. (via)


Don't go chasing waterfalls. They're all frozen. (via)

You'll have to drill a carrot in for a nose. (via)

Whatever, Wisconsin barista. You get to handle hot liquids all day. (via)


Could be a typo. Could be the end times. (via)

The peaceful sound of a frozen fountain. (via)

Your own fault for going outside voluntarily, sir. (via)

The cold is coming from inside the house. (via)


Smart paint hunts for warmer place to live. (via)

Go home window, you're drunk. (via)

Oh no! It's attacking the only thing that makes up for it! (via)


You can turn your back on winter, but you can't make it spring. (via)

This is in Texas. :( (via)