It turns out living in a frozen hellscape can be rather delightful. (via redditor UnspeakableFilth)

Redditor UnspeakableFilth, despite his name, looks like a rather charming husband and father from Dryden, Canada with too much time on his hands (luckily for us). We were all treated last week to the kind of weather he lives in for the better part of the year (oh, Canada...), but maybe if we were more used to the constant risk of frostbite and exposure, we'd realize that extreme cold is actually perfect for extreme and awesome DIY projects.

Inspired by another redditor who built an igloo last year (UnspeakableFilth decided the idea of giant ice blocks hovering over his daughter wasn't such a hot idea), he's turned some food coloring and lots of water into a fortress of fun (although he hinted that the origin of the yellow blocks was less than savory). It'll probably stay frozen up there until well after spring starts up here, so we wish this family many fun cookouts in their icy hideaway.

Sources: redditor UnspeakableFilth