How you say? Le "oops."

We've seen a lot of crazy near-death winter sports videos in the last two weeks, from a snowboarder who barely managed to stay ahead of the avalanche he caused to a snowmobiler who started an avalanche, got buried, and was rescued by his friends within 90 seconds. Today's mixture of adventure and serious danger was actually filmed a few years ago, but has only gone viral today (perhaps after exhausting this year's crop of insane snow videos).

In it, a French snowmobiler loses his snowmobile at the very tippy-top of a mountain. Then, until about 1:25, he takes a terrifying slide down a narrow ravine where you're pretty sure he's gonna die. Then, like an idiot, he watches his snowmobile plummet towards him. When it passes him at 2:00, he lets himself fall again down another ravine in order to chase it. Finally, at 2:50, you hear him make a noise that pretty much sums up his entire day.

Sources: ArAmR0uM on YouTube | Digg