A mom was shamed on Facebook for breastfeeding in public and she's got a lot to say to the guy who did it.

A mom was shamed on Facebook for breastfeeding in public and she's got a lot to say to the guy who did it.

Conner Kendall was breastfeeding her baby in a TGI Friday's when a man took her picture without her permission and posted it on social media.


Why don't you cover your mouth up, sir. (via Facebook)

His post read:

Ok moms out there.. I know when a baby is Hungry they need fed. I went to know if this is appropriate or inappropriate as I'm trying to eat my Fridays, there are little kids around.. I understand feeding in public but could you at least cover your boob up?! Your input is needed!

Not really sure who he was talking to when he said, "Your input is needed!" I'll assume he was asking me and say, "No, she doesn't need to cover her boob up."

There, glad to set your mind at ease, Guy Who Has a Problem With Small Children Seeing Breasts Even Though They Were Recently Breastfed Probably and Then Posts a Picture of that Boob on Facebook Where Many Many Many More People Will See It.

Obviously, this guy is a garbage-eating dummy, but he is also a dummy who completely violated this woman by posting her picture without her permission to shame her for feeding her child. Well, I guess they live in a small town in Indiana, because she found out about it. Here's her response:


In it, she explains how she wrote to this man and told him to take her picture down, then shares her letter to him. She tells him her reasons for breastfeeding in public– even though she didn't have to! It's none of his business!

Basically, her son won't latch under a cover, their car was parked in a far off lot, he won't eat from a bottle, they'd been on a long trip and she couldn't wait until they got home to feed him again, she refuses to breastfeed in the toilet if adults don't have to eat in there, etc. She tells him how he is the one making her breast sexual. Little kids around a TGI Friday's certainly aren't. This is my favorite highlight:

"If it's a natural thing then why can't men carry around urinals and use them wherever, whenever? That's a natural bodily function too! Same thing."
MR [My Response]- first of all milk from my breasts is not bodily waste, and second, unless the reason you have that urinal is because you intend to use it to feed your child, then in no way is it the same as me nursing my baby.

Conner Kendall is on a rampage now. You woke the sleeping tiger, dude. She's working hard to get her message out there, and here it is:

It is not the fact that the picture was taken, or even that it was put on social media that bothers me. If he wanted a picture he should have just asked, I would have gladly smiled:)
It is the fact that it was done so in a way that aimed at shaming my child and I, as well as every other nursing mother, for taking care of my baby.
Let's show everyone that we will not stand for being put down, shamed, and harassed for simply fulfilling our children's most basic need.
We as a society should embrace the fact that God made mothers able to feed our children from our own breasts. We need to educate ourselves, society, and our children on the fact that breasts are not made to sell lingerie, food, clothes, electronics, and just about everything else out there, we were given them to feed our babies, that's it.

Okay. Consider it shared, ma'am.