Over 100 women are suing Atlanta-based drug company Qualitest Pharmaceuticals for a 2011 error in their birth control's packaging, which the women claim resulted in unplanned pregnancies. Why? Because the worst mistake you could ever make while packaging birth control happened: the placebos were in the wrong place. As if that isn't bad enough, the name of the company is Qualitest. They combined the words "quality" and "test" to name their company, then failed to perform tests ensuring their product was quality.

Three years ago, Qualitest recalled its birth control pills after discovering the pills’ labeling had been placed upside down. As a result, many women took the placebo pills when they should have been taking the hormone pills. The lawsuit includes 94 women who gave birth after taking the defective pills, 17 who didn't carry out their unplanned pregnancies, and two others who did not become pregnant. It's not clear what the other two are suing for; perhaps they or their partners had heart attacks after learning about the recall.

Sources: CNN