Wow. Brock "I Should've Gotten More Jail Time" Turner made himself out to be a naïve, clean-cut young man in his trial for the sexual assault of an unconscious woman behind a Dumpster on the Stanford University campus.

In a letter pleading for leniency from Judge Aaron "I Should Give Rapists More Jail Time" Persky, Turner asserts that he had no prior experience with heavy drinking and drugs. That statement proved to be false when the prosecutor submitted texts and photos found on Turner's phone to the contrary.

On top of that, documents released on Friday by the Santa Clara County Superior Court and the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office show that he also TEXTED PICTURES OF HIS UNCONSCIOUS VICTIM'S BREASTS TO HIS FRIENDS. Because that's just the kind of "aw shucks" thing a good, respectable boy like Brock would do, right?