High school makes cringeworthy video to show female students what dresses are 'prom ‘propriate.'

High school makes cringeworthy video to show female students what dresses are 'prom ‘propriate.'

Cleveland High School in Clayton, North Carolina is attempting to get its students ready for prom season with this truly groan-inducing video called "So You Think You're Prom 'Propriate?" It shows the girls (and just the girls) what they "should and shouldn't wear to prom." According to the Daily Dot, the video was uploaded in December but is just now making the rounds online.

The video, which was reportedly completely "student run and organized," starts with students pretending to be a panel of judges. Then a fashion show starts, and just like in the real world of fashion, it takes the form of catalog pictures in sets of three.

This first set of dresses is met with enthusiastic check marks from the judges (Hooray! Check marks!), and a soundtrack of fake cheers and applause. These ladies are doin' it right! Way to be prom 'propriate, catalog models!​

Yeah, this is exactly what high school students look like.

This second set of photos gets boos from the crowd and x's from the judges.

This is problematic—it appears these girls might have flesh.

But the third set of dresses is so offensive to the high school crowd that despite being censored, the audience has already started to riot, and an alarm goes off indicating some sort of DEFCON situation. LADIES, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

How DARE you have bodies, women?

The judges have no choice but to freak out and flip the table. Thank god the catalog models weren't actually in the auditorium because those pissed off students would have torn them and their ombré taffeta to shreds. 


Tracey Peedin Jones, the Public Information Officer for Clayton's school district, told Uproxx that the video was made in response to problems that came up surrounding last year's prom. While she didn't go into specifics, she did say: “The prom’s such a special event for our children that we wouldn’t want it to be ruined by any confusion.” Confusion about what? About whether or not the prom's dress code was outdated and sexist? Well, they cleared that right up with this slideshow of dos and dont's for ladies prom wear.


Cleveland High's prom dress code dictates that dresses have splits no more than three inches above the knee, no dresses with necklines lower than a sweetheart cut, no sheer materials, no nude colors (apparently even the illusion of skin is offensive), and definitely no bare midriffs, or may god have mercy on your soul. 

Don't worry, ladies, here are some options that are stylish and completely fit the dress code. 

So carefree!

All right, gals, have a great time at your prom, and remember, don't have any skin!