In case you haven't noticed, the "Motherhood Challenge," in which moms tag friends on Facebook, challenging them to post three pictures showing how happy they are to be moms, has taken over the social network. Oh, joy! For women who don't have or want kids, it's yet another reason to cringe when looking at your feed (which is probably already cluttered with misattributed inspirational quotes and borderline racist rants from high school friends you tried to shed long ago). Hooray for even more pictures of smug moms and their snot-nosed kids being "adorable" and "precious" while they "contribute to the overpopulation of an already supremely burdened planet." But comedian Ellie Taylor decided to nominate herself in what she dubbed the "Non-Motherhood Challenge," posting five pictures of her happy childfree life, because three pictures weren't enough to do it justice. 

Sources: Daily Mail