Congratulations to "mansplaining" (the word, not the action itself) for getting a major shout out on Jeopardy last week! It seems like just yesterday mansplaining was first born (it actually first became popular after this 2008 essay), but it has probably existed for as long as men had mouths and women had ears.

So it's pretty exciting to see the following clue from an episode of Jeopardy last week:

This 21st century word happens when a male patronizingly tells a female about a topic she already understands


One of the contestants, a man (ugh) named Shannon, got the question right, and to his credit he seemed a little sheepish about it. You can watch the whole segment here:

Mansplaining exists, unfortunately. Because Alex Trebek says so. And my guess is at least a few regular viewers of Jeopardy are guilty of it, so this feels like a win. Even better, it was an expensive question: $600. Almost high enough to make up for the wage gap. JK.

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