Sydney Lawrence, 17, from Crosby, Texas, didn't have a dad to bring to her high school's father and daughter dance. Luckily, what she does have is the coolest aunt of all time. Her mom's sister Kristen Roulet, a police officer, stepped in as her niece's dance partner and fully embraced the role of dad, including wearing a fake mustache.

Lawrence posted photos of the "father/daughter" duo on Twitter and they have already been retweeted over 12K times.


"When u don't have a dad for the dad/daughter dance so ur aunt wears a fake mustache and dances w u anyways," wrote the teenager, who clearly is not lacking in the love department.

Roulet, 34, said she had to work the night of the practice, so she learned the dance moves from a video. “They videoed it for me, so we went over it the day of the dance and crushed it," she told Buzzfeed. “The mustache was just a little touch to make it more fun and memorable.”


Lawrence said her aunt helped raise her, and despite not having a dad in the traditional sense, she is doing just fine. “I never really knew my father, he never had a part in my life, and my mother is like my best friend," the teen told Buzzfeed. "[She] and my aunt solely raised me. And I think having two women who love you insanely is better than having a father.”

Sounds pretty great to me.

Sources: Buzzfeed