This is an ad about periods. You know your period, ladies — it's that thing that turns you into a fat, pallid, whiny, illogical version of your normal self who's so afraid of facing even the pizza guy that you have to emulate a serial killer.

Menstrual products line SOFY (a division of Unicharm Australia) recently released this hum-dinger of a commercial, suggesting that getting your period turns you into a fat, irrational shell of your normal self. A problem, of course, that can be fixed by their new pads. This is ridiculous for several reasons, one of which being that pads can be the most uncomfortable of all menstruation devices. (Especially when your mom buys you those diaper-thick ones after you get your period for the first time while on a family vacation at the beach. That was Totally Comfortable and Definitely Not Awkward. Anyway!)

Sources: h/t Attn