Call off the women's magazines, women-only spaces, and organizations that support women, for the fight for feminism is over. We got a lady on the crossing light now!

An Australian lobby group called Committee for Melbourne has installed ten entire crossing lights in Melbourne that feature the silhouette of a lady (you can tell it's a lady because she's in a dress, something all women identify with, obviously). CEO of the group Martine Lett explained to ITV why they specifically targeted traffic lights when deciding to rise up and obliterate the inequality faced by women around the globe: "There was unconscious bias built into our brains because we are accustomed to seeing a male figure." Here I was thinking that I wanted to read more books by women, or watch more movies that pass the Bechdel test, or see women in prominent job roles across all industries (like President of the US, for example), when really, all I needed was for a lady to let me know I could cross the street.


"If we see more female figures on traffic lights that might also have a positive impact on changing the way we view the world," Lett added.


Rejoice, for the fight for equality has been long and tiresome and now we can finally rest.

Sources: ITV