Jedediah Bila is a former Fox News contributor currently filling the role of token conservative on The View. On Tuesday's episode, she tried to justify the equal pay gap with comments like "men work an average more of two hours a week," infuriating her cohosts.

But as the table cringed at her, Bila pivoted—offering some interesting criticism of the dress code at Fox News, a network currently reeling from a massive sexual harassment scandal centered on their star buffoon Bill O'Reilly.

"You get wardrobe, but it's different from here. You used to go into the room and there were a bunch of dresses that you could choose from. I was told at one point that I wasn't allowed to wear orange because Roger didn't like the color orange. So I didn't wear orange."


"Now that Trump is in office, Roger likes orange again," retorted Joy Behar, stealing the joke I was about to make. Roger Ailes is the former head Fox News, who lost his position over sexual harassment charges by "at least 20" women.

In her comments, Jedediah Bila also confirmed a 2013 comment by Gretchen Carlson that on-air women at Fox were not allowed to wear pants.

"I didn't see any pants. People always say why didn't you wear pants? You'll notice I wear pants a lot here. I didn't wear pants because I didn't see a pants option. I wasn't given a pants option so I had to choose skirts."


Jedediah Bila additionally offered support for Julie Roginsky, a current contributor to Fox News who recently filed a lawsuit against the organization for sexual harassment.