Most irrational dude ever ends a friendship because of where his friend had her period.

Most irrational dude ever ends a friendship because of where his friend had her period.

A woman took to the internet to ask for some advice. The issue? Her "friend" revealed himself to be more of a "jackass" after refusing to understand that she didn't purposely bleed all over his couch when she had her period.

The anonymous lady posted under a throwaway account to Reddit, and hopefully she changed the names so any chance of salvaging the friendship is still on the table. Although honestly, why would she want to?

Here's her story, the full account of which you can check out here:

Well Reddit, I'm pretty mortified about posting this, but I'm so utterly confused by this incident that I need some fresh perspectives. Sorry for the length.

So anyway - Jake and I have been close friends for about three years... We don't hang out as often as we used to anymore, but it's still great catching up and hitting the bars with each other every once in a while. Our relationship is completely platonic. Jake is gay.

Six months ago Jake and I went out for a night on the town. He offered me his couch to crash on for the night so I could sober up before driving home in the morning. I thanked him for the offer and I crashed.

Eight a.m. arrives and I get a frantic call from my friend who's crying incomprehensibly over the phone. I'm pretty concerned so I shoot Jake (who hasn't woken up yet) a quick text saying that I needed to rush out of his apartment, but thanks again for letting me stay over. I hop in my car, drive over to my friend Hannah's place. It turns out that she has had a messy fight with her boyfriend and they've just broken up, so I just hang out with Hannah for a bit and comfort her.


Well, you can probably guess what happened next. She had had her period, didn't notice, and left without cleaning up or letting Jake know about the state of his upholstery.

So Jake probably reached out and told her of the embarrassing situation. They probably laughed about it, and figured out how to clean everything up, right?

Haha, nah. Still at her other friend's house, she finally realizes she had her period, but nothing else goes according to the script.

Then I go to the bathroom after feeling "off." It turns out my period's come a week early, and my underwear had a bit of blood on it. Enough to be noticeable, but not an awful amount. I sheepishly tell Hannah what just happened, she laughs and hands me a tampon. I assume that my period has just started and after checking around Hannah's floor, where we had been sitting, to make sure there weren't any stains, I go right back to comforting her.

So maybe it should have occurred to me to ask, "Jake, did I leave any stains on your couch?" at this point. It didn't, because I was too focused on Hannah. But LUCKILY for me, about an hour later Jake sends me a stunning barrage of texts calling me disrespectful and disgusting for bleeding on his couch and not telling him. I obviously had no idea. So what do I do? Take responsibility for bleeding, offer to clean the couch or pay for its cleaning or even to replace the entire couch itself, apologize, and tell him I just hadn't realized I had bled on it because I hadn't even anticipated my period coming early. Jake never responds.


In case you didn't find this whole thing bizarre already, this is where our heroine thinks things really flow out of control.

This is where it, to me, just gets bizarre. Jake tells a bevy of our mutual friends that he wants to end our friendship with me because of "my disrespectful actions." He shows them the texts he sent me. According to my mutual friends, what they told him upon seeing the texts was something like "Jake, we actually can't believe you would send that to her. You sound insane in these texts, and she obviously didn't do it on purpose. You are being an asshole." Jake apparently got huffy with them and said, "really? You think I'm being irrational here?" I think, maybe my girlfriends are being overly sympathetic because they're women. I want to understand why Jake would be so upset. I tell my boyfriend and his friends what happened. They are also all aghast and think Jake is crazy.


She goes on to explain that Jake never responded to her 10 "apologetic texts" saying she was happy to talk to him about it.

In fact, for two months he wouldn't so much as acknowledge her if they ran into each other in public. Six months later, Jake and her are cordial, but he still removed her from all his social media. Needless to say, it doesn't seem like these two hang out anymore.

Her conclusion is full of the confusion and betrayal anyone would feel after someone they thought was their friend ended it all over nothing.


So I'm sad. Sad about the end of the friendship, but also just...confused. This was so inexplicable. I keep racking my head for times I was a bad friend that would justify Jake's behavior - I'm sure I have been, I'm not perfect and I recognize that and would like to work on it - but am I still right by saying this was completely out of nowhere? Tbh though, after this, I'm not trying to be friends again. I just want some insight from other people, since Jake refuses to have a conversation with me.


At least the comment section was incredibly supportive. Some thought Jake became embarrassed of his own behavior, and chose to back out of the friendship out of shame. Others just said, simply, "Lol what? How much does he hate women? Please stay away from this creep."

Others thought he just didn't understand how the human body works.

That's certainly a possibility, but let's all agree to google "are periods voluntary" before destroying a friendship over something as superficial as a few stains.