These 14 grandmas who voted will make you cry all the way to the polls.

These 14 grandmas who voted will make you cry all the way to the polls.

Voting might seem like a pain in the ass to us entitled young whipper snappers. But for these grandmas, it's a yuuuuuuge honor. Especially because some of them were born before women were even allowed to vote. So they're pretty stoked to now be voting for who could soon become the first female president of the United States.

That's right: these badass older ladies are with her. And they voted. So get ready to dance and/or weep.

1. She's makin' history!

2. In a cemetery, but very much alive. And voted!

3. She's 106 years old. 106!!!

4. Grandma Pearl is ready to rock.


5. My oh my, how times have changed.

6. This granny is STOKED to vote.

7. She waited 96 years. And you can't wait in a long line?

8. She's definitely not undecided.


9. This grandma's Texas vote definitely matters.

10. Popping that voting cherry.

11. She doesn't need one of those newfangled computers!

I'm posting this on the request of my 98-year-old grandma, who doesn't use computers. In her words: "Estelle L. Schultz,...

Posted by Sarah Benor on Thursday, October 6, 2016

12. She wrote it down so she won't forget.


13. She thought she'd never see the day!

14. Mimi voted for the nasty lady.

Still not voting because you don't feel like it? Take a hint from this grandma:

This should be our new national anthem. Now get out there and vote. If not for our country, do it for grandma.