Redditor miss_beat has gone viral with a post about her experience with a package of DIY waxing strips she purchased at a supermarket. It seemed like a decent plan: she had no time to go to a salon for a bikini waxing, so she figured she'd just buy one of those over-the-counter kits and do it herself at home. What could possibly go wrong?

Miss_beat's plan was to remove all her pubic as a nice gesture for her boyfriend. Her first attempt wasn't too terrible, but it was taking a lot longer than she expected, so she stopped midway through.


Realising I was going to be late for work, I pulled up my pants, and left my hair half removed, 40 Year Old Virgin style.

She resumed the de-pubing after work:

With plans to see my boyfriend in the evening, after work I attempted Round 2. Things were going even worse now, as I got further down. Hair wasn't coming out as easy, wax was sticking me together, I was losing strength to pull quickly. Again, I was running out of time, but I looked ridiculous. I had to keep going.


She was really over the whole waxing thing, but she didn't want to leave the job half done like a garden attacked by a lawnmower (a lawnmower made of wax). So she came up with another plan: hair removal cream.

Fuck it, I thought. I'll use hair removal cream on the rest.

Big mistake.

She smeared the stuff on her nether region, even the part she'd already waxed, which began to burn and quickly became fairly painful. But it did the trick, and she showered away the cream, which took the hair with it. She got dressed and was off to see her boyfriend without giving her cooch another thought.


That night, in bed after their date, it was time for the big reveal. She started to peel off her panties but then (oh dear god) realized they were stuck to her skin.

Absolutely horrified, but not wanting to make a big deal of it, I waited until my boyfriend had turned over in the bed, then quickly used my phone to investigate. I peel my underwear off my skin, and see that there is a patch about an inch across that is just raw skin. A chemical burn, maybe? It's been seeping for the last few hours and has been drying on to my underwear.


Mmm, nothing sexier than a chemical burn on the ol' cooter. She summed up her experience like this:

So yeah, in an attempt to look perfect for my boyfriend, I now have a groin that looks like Freddy Krueger. No one is getting laid this week.

You're welcome, honey! Now go to town.