Some bullies might get older, but that doesn't necessarily mean they grow up. Take, for example, the anonymous stranger who sent a Florida mom and substitute teacher named Kelley Markland a letter in the mail notifying her that she was too fat to wear leggings. What a wonderful human being!

On November 18, Markland returned home after a nice dinner out and found an envelope in her mailbox that contained a letter reading, "a woman who weigh [sic] 300 pounds should not wear yoga pants!!" The envelope also included a photograph of a woman bending over, and a meme of Will Farrell's Anchorman character, Ron Burgundy, saying "Your pants say yoga but your ass says McDonalds." HAHA, SO FUNNY.


Upset, Markland took to Facebook to write a post about her new fun pen pal.

So, I came home from celebrating a fun birthday dinner for Mia and we were all so happy! I open my mail to find this...

Posted by Kelley Markland on Friday, November 18, 2016

Her full post reads,

So, I came home from celebrating a fun birthday dinner for Mia and we were all so happy! I open my mail to find this envelope with a silly picture (not me in that picture BTW) and a note. Apparently, I weigh 300 pounds and I shouldn't wear leggings anymore.
Anyone who knows me, knows that I care deeper and stronger than many. I am a sensitive woman and I despise cruelty towards others. At 36 years old, I am STILL being made fun of. Whoever sent this, be an adult and tell me who you are. JUST TELL ME!!!
I have never pretended to be pretty or look good in clothing, I have never tried to be flashy or show off.
Wearing my "fun" leggings gave me a tad bit of confidence in not looking sloppy all the time. I'm sorry that some of you may not like it, but I'm not dressing for you. All the hate in this world, and you have to pick on me for this?! Thank you for making me feel like absolute, complete shit. A wonderful night with my family had to end like unbelievably disappointed in people anymore.


But don't lose heart, reader, because after airing her feelings on Facebook, and receiving tons of great messages from her friends, Markland decided that she wouldn't let the rude note to get her down. She told Today, “I had to remember, if I walked around defeated and scared, then whoever sent that letter wins. And I wasn’t going to let that person win. At all."

The next day, although apprehensive, she put on a pair of leggings and went to the school where she subbed, only to find that most of the other teachers (and even the moms of some of the school kids) were also wearing leggings to show their support for her.


She told Today, “All the teachers were coming up and hugging me and showing me their leggings. So I knew at that point, it’s not about me anymore, it’s about all women.”

She also said, "[The response has] been amazing and mind blowing. It’s so inspiring to have other people telling me that what they’re doing now is because of this little act of bullying."


Now Markland's Facebook profile picture is a simple inspirational message, reading "Put on your positive pants…mine are leggings!"