While more and more people are embracing the body positivity movement, the belief that being skinnier will make us happy seems to be stubbornly hanging on. One model is trying to change that.

Model KhrystyAna recently shared a before-and-after photo on her Instagram that proves that skinny doesn't always equal happy and healthy. On the left is KhrystyAna back in 2013, and her recent photo is on the right.

She says that back then, she was working on becoming "small enough" to be a fashion model.


"In 2013 I thought I wasn't small enough to be a fashion model and technially I have never been small enough," KhrystyAna wrote in the caption. "Even back then with all the dietary suffering and daily long hours at the gym, I was at 37.5 hip size, a bit too thick. Was I happy? Absolutely not."

KhrystyAna recalled beating herself up for not being thin enough, and said that eventually led her to depression and exhaustion.

"I found myself depressed going through identity crisis," she wrote. "I gained more weight, hated myself more and more until I had no more energy left within me to hate anything."


"But exhaustion was somehow freeing," she continued. "Freeing from thoughts. Blank brained, I looked at this new but older me. Why? Why should we wreck ourselves? For career? Parental approvals? Romances? Or fame? Why did I? Why did you ever?"

According to Hello Giggles,


"TRUST the NOWEST you, she concluded her post. "Trust that this is deserving of all your love. It really does."

Truth. Go out there and be happy, everybody.