Hey, if you're thinking about shoving a makeup sponge up your vagina any time soon...don't.

Sorry to ruin the fun, but "makeup sponges" join the long list of things not to put in your vag, including but not limited to: glitter capsules, wasps nests, and garlic.

On Friday, Lifehacker ran an article instructing women to put makeup sponges up their vagina for "mess-free period sex."

Just insert one (or two, if you’re attempting day-one period sex) up to your cervix and you should be good for a couple of hours. They warm up quickly and feel just like the inside of a vagina, especially when they’re slick with….well, the various fluids that might render them slick. Fingers may be able to feel them, but most penises—even condomless ones—will be none the wiser, and tongues won’t get anywhere near them.


The article says as soon as you make your return from Poundtown, you should fish that bad boy out and dispose of it ASAP. Yeah, the whole thing sounds a bit unorthodox, but Lifehacker consulted with Ob/Gyn Dr. Lanalee Sam to confirm that their "sponge hack" is safe.

The gyno insists that "makeup applicators and sea sponges aren’t particularly better or worse than a tampon" and that "tampons are 'nothing special' in terms of preventing bacterial infections.

But Dr. Jen Gunter, who notably debunked GOOP's various wellness claims, disagrees. Hard.


Dr. Gunter disputes the ol' "makeup sponge up the cooch" trick by arguing that scientifically, the polyester foam material would trap oxygen in the vagina, and oxygen is a co-factor in development of Toxic Shock Syndrome (mTSS). Additionally, the sponges are full of chemicals that you definitely don't want to be messing with.

It is not a “hack” to suggest women use make-up sponges or sea sponges for their period it is a gross disregard of the evidence that is currently available and a disservice to women. It is incorrect to say tampons are “no big deal” when the FDA requires extensive data regarding product safety, such as this.

It is not acceptable to fail to inform your readers about the fact the polyester foam material you are suggesting for menstrual hygiene has been implicated as a causative agent in mTSS. It is also not okay to imply that makeup sponges and sea sponges are the same as tampons safety wise because they are not. If your expert doesn’t know that tampons are class II medical devices, that they require safety testing, and that the introduction of oxygen is believed to be a critical step in menstrual TSS then there is an issue.

I advise against using make-up and sea sponges vaginally. Oxygen is not your vagina’s friend but I am.


But if you already bought a back of makeup sponges thinking you would have a grand old time loading your vagina with them like a t-shirt cannon, don't worry! You can always repurpose them by using them to (drumroll please) apply makeup!