There's a reason women often carry around huge bags: our clothing has no pockets. It's just one of those sexist realities that you get used to living with, like catcalling, the wage gap and Judd Apatow movies.

Yes, female clothing is sexist, which explains it's lack of function and general discomfort. And don't even get me STARTED on high heels.

But of course, not everyone will agree. Recently, Twitter user Bree Mae was tweeting about why she prefers wearing men's clothing, writing:

Wearing men's clothing is so much BETTER an experience, just physically, that I consider it self-care. I reach for it on harder days.


Then, as so often happens, a man decided to interject with his opinion on something women experience on the reg. The man's name is Ryan and he decided to retweet Bree's tweets along with his own opinions, which literally no one asked for:

OH RLY, man who has never experienced sexism firsthand??

But fear not, dear readers, because Ryan did not get the last word. Enter Jared Pechacek, a graphic artist and the hero of this story. He retweeted Ryan, retweeting Bree, with his own hilarious commentary. And we're super glad he did.


"My dude, clothing IS sexist and has been for centuries, my bro, broseph, guy who's never had to worry about whether his pants have pockets," he wrote.

Pechacek then proceeded to school Ryan on the subject of sexism with an epic and hilarious tweet-storm. You are going to want to read this whole thing:





He's not done yet, folks.




Leslie Brope??? GTFO I'M DEAD.

And, finally:

Well done, Jared. Well done.

The whole thread went viral. Which is good, because there are a lot—a LOT—of man/bro/sweetums out there who feel the same way as our "friend" Ryan. And hopefully some of those brosephs will read this and take a good long look at the brah in the mirror and consider making a change.

Bree Mae, the woman whose comments started it all, is Team Jared:

And so are a lot of other people.

Fair. He deserves the praise. Maybe not as much as women deserve praise for walking around without pockets all day, but fine.

May the bro jokes never, ever end.

Man. That dude just got BROasted.

Thank you and goodnight!