In this infuriating video making the rounds on Twitter, a Seahawks fan/Grade A douchebag harasses Buffalo Bills coach Kathryn Smith, the first woman to coach full time with the NFL. He first calls her "waitress" and then yells "can I have a Pepsi?" as she walks across the field, doing her job, which is coaching football and not serving drinks.

Luckily, the video has a satisfying end. The guy doesn't get a Pepsi, but the woman beside him in the stands does deliver him a slap in the face followed by an epic facial expression. And can you blame her?


Just watch:

Unfortunately, Smith has probably dealt with her fair share of bullshit since she was appointed Buffalo Bills special-teams coach in January. But this is just awful, and a reminder that we have a long road ahead of us regarding how women are treated in the workplace and in general, especially in male-dominated fields.

Maybe this guy had the best retort:



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