Listening to the testimony of these poor women taken in by Planned Parenthood's divisive tactics may change your position on their government funding:

Powerful stuff. Haunting. It reminds me of my own experiences at Planned Parenthood, where I went for physicals, contraception and family planning services. They never lured me into having an abortion, but that's probably only because the education and medical support they offered prevented me from experiencing any unplanned pregnancies.

The real take-away though, is that even cis dudes can get healthcare at PP. What kind of crazy, whacked-out abortions are being forced on them?! And if the government isn't supporting any of the abortion services at Planned Parenthood–NOT EVEN ONE–then who is? Some kind of cabal of women and men across America who believe pre-natal care, STD testing, and cancer screenings should be made available free or low cost to all our citizens? The world is a truly terrifying place!

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