Writer and mother Teresa Finocchio (yes, we know it rhymes with Pinocchio, let's move on), worked happily for the same restaurant and catering company from the time she was 19 until she was 27. Then, she got pregnant, and everything changed

Which of these things would she rather be holding?
Which of these things would she rather be holding?

Teresa told her story on the blog Breastfeeding World, writing:

At this point, I had co-worked with the same boss everyday from the age of 19 to 27. Family events, birthdays, holidays…all were spent together. My life during those ages, as most people’s are, was incredibly hard with college, a sick father, divorcing parents, a cheating boyfriend and eventually the loss of my father. I will say that he worked very well with me through all these things, so, after 2 years of a new healthy relationship and a baby on the way, the first thing I thought about my boss, was how well he was going to support me through this next chapter. Nope, wrong.

Just days before I told him the news, he was telling me all the new opportunities he had for me in the business (he was moving into a local country club). The same day I sat him down to tell him the news (by the way, I told him when I was less than 6 weeks pregnant!), he called in an old employee to come in for a meeting to come back to work. Red flag? Within the next two weeks things drastically changed. 

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