Men generally have no idea what women go through on a daily basis, be it biologically, conforming to ridiculous beauty standards, or just trying to not get hassled by dudes. A few women took to the forums of Reddit to break it down for guys, telling them things they never knew they didn't know about women.


1. User suoicadob informed guys about a heretofore entirely overlooked form of pain. Hooray!

You see, period cramps are debilitating, but they're at least consistent. Just take some Tylenol at that time of the month and most the pain is gone. Boob pains, however, strike at the least expected times. And when they get you, they get you good. I'm an eighteen-year-old girl in perfect health and I've been convinced on multiple occasions that I was going into cardiac arrest, just because my boobs couldn't catch a break.