Female meteorologists are making a simple plea to their viewers: stop calling us "weather girls."

This is a reasonable request seeing that male meteorologists are never infantilized by being called "weather boys." Plus, not only are female scientists saddled with the dismissive title, but they are also often criticized about everything from their hair to their clothes while they are just trying to do their damn jobs. Yes, a woman can be a scientist, wear a dress and appear on TV all at the same time. Amazing, isn't it?


Three female meteorologists, Janice Huff, Chief Meteorologist at WNBC New York, Jenn Carfagno, Weather Channel Meteorologist and one of the hosts of AMHQ, and Ginger Zee, Chief Meteorologist at ABC News and Good Morning America joined Dr. Marshall Shepherd for a two-part discussion of the challenges women in science face for Weather Geeks, a show on The Weather channel.

The panel discussed the importance of getting young girls into science, and how visibility matters when it comes to female role models.

“There’s a big disparity on the general population versus how many people are in the geosciences, and men still dominate,” said Huff.


"We decided we really need to do a show about women in science," added Carfagno.

The Shepherd closed out part one of the discussion by saying "Let’s abolish the term 'weather girl.' Respect these women for what they are: scientists."

Part two airs Feb. 5 at 12 p.m. ET.