Woman's same day 'transformation' proves 'before vs. after' photos can be easily faked.

Woman's same day 'transformation' proves 'before vs. after' photos can be easily faked.

We've all seen "before and after" photos on social media and in ads hawking weight loss products. These photos often promise the same thing: do this [diet/exercise/pill/cleanse/#fitspo trend/etc.] and you, too, can emerge like a slenderer butterfly from the caterpillar of your former body.

Society is obsessed with the idea of physical "transformation." But 24-year-old body positive Instagrammer Mille Smith wants to blow the lid off this "before and after" racket. She posted two photos side-by-side, taken on the same exact day, to prove just how much of these visible "transformations" can be easily faked:

"Same girl, same day, same time," she wrote about the two different-seeming images of her body. In the caption, she explains how with a little help from camera angle and clothing, "I can change my body into something that society would deem more acceptable."

She continued:

Recently insta was voted as the most damaging app to body image/self esteem. That's not ok.

The media constantly wants us to be more filtered, more posed, more flexed.
Making us ashamed, afraid and resentful of our bodies, our natural vessel.

We compare ourselves to these images of posed, strategically taken photos.
Comparing yourself is a thief of your joy/self love and even more so when you're comparing aesthetics to images that aren't reality.

Both these photos are beautiful .
Both these photos are worthy.
However only one of these photos is truly me, comfortable and naturally loving myself...

Get rid of accounts that make you feel negative, get rid of people in your life that don't make you feel happy, loved and beautiful.
Don't let an all ruin your life.


The photos clearly struck a chord on Instagram, as they've wracked up nearly 9,000 likes since she posted them last week.

And yesterday, she posted another "fake" before/after series to drive the point home:

"YOUR BODY CHANGES AS YOU MOVE," the UK-based blogger, who has shared similar photos in the past, wrote in the caption. "Literally just breathing in and out on this photo."

She continued:


Our bodies aren't a posed still frame, they are an ocean of never ending ripple and movements.
What you see online is manipulated to..
?Fit a mould
?To appear slimmer
?To appear more worthy
(No part of your body makes you less worthy btw)
ITS NOT REAL! In fact 99% of images you see are total BS!!
Sucked in.
We are perfect as we are at every single angle!
We are perfect in every pose.
We are perfect whatever weight.
We are perfect whatever shape.



Mille is not the only person to take on the "before/after" trend. Last year, this woman went viral with her "reverse" before/after pics proving skinnier does not always equal healthier. And this body positive blogger made a similar point with her viral post showing her recovery from an eating disorder.

In conclusion: a picture may be worth a "thousand words" but some of those words may be lies/good lighting. So, as Mille would say: "STOP COMPARING AND START LIVING."