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Women are boycotting Twitter today, but not everyone is on board with the protest.

Women are boycotting Twitter today, but not everyone is on board with the protest.


Women across the world wide web are boycotting Twitter on Friday after the social media platform suspended actress Rose McGowan's account.

McGowan, who has been instrumental in taking down sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, was temporarily suspended after criticizing him in several tweets. On Thursday, Twitter released a statement saying that McGowan was suspended for "violating the Twitter rules" by sharing someone's private phone number. Not everyone bought that reasoning, but McGowan's account was reinstated.

Now celebrities, athletes and activists are logging off of Twitter for a day in "protest of women’s voices being silenced." According to the New York Times, the idea for the boycott was raised by software engineer Kelly Ellis:

Among those protesting are model Chrissy Teigen, actress Alyssa Milano, comedian Kathy Griffin.

But women are not alone in this fight.

Mark Ruffalo, Terry Crews and Michael Ian Black are just a few of several men who are also boycotting Twitter on Friday.

However, not everyone agrees with the boycott.

Many find it to be ironic at best, and believe that women's voices should be amplified, not silenced.

Many others are choosing not to boycott Twitter because women of color, queer people, and other marginilized people have been abused and silenced on the social media platform for years and nothing has been done about it. People have pointed out that it is problematic that this issue is only gaining attention now that majority famous, majority white women are leading the charge.

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