It should be pretty simple to know when you're freaking a woman out—if she asks you to stop doing something, stop doing it. But sometimes dudes are completely clueless that their "nice" gesture is going extremely awry. These 15 stories from women should be required reading for creepy dudes everywhere.

1. You need to call pinkswirls before you show up.

"Surprise" Visits when you tell them you can't meet with them

2. Actually, Sportslov3r makes it clear you need to call anyone before you show up.

I had a guy show up to my work once. I got a flat tire the day before, he said that he came to visit me to tighten my lug nuts on my spare (I'm a petite girl). The catch is, I worked in Vegas at a large and popular hotel- he walked through two large parking garages of 8 floors each to find my car before coming into my work to see me.


3. MomSmellsLikeVodka doesn't need you to sweep her off her feet.

Physically picking me up without notice.

I'm lucky, being taller than average and heavier than I look, so it doesn't happen a ton to me, but I've known a lot of short, petite women that deal with this on the regular.

4. Welp, MyTreeHouseIsOnFire's coworker really escalated quickly.

a guy I work with that's close to my dad's age constantly talks about how I look like his wife did when she was younger , but that she's not pretty like me anymore. I find it super odd. Also, I'm a super un-touchy person with people I work with, especially the men. The same guy forced me into a hug (he's at least twice my size) and wouldn't let me go because "(insert other female coworkers name here) let's me hug her so why don't you?" And then later called me a bitch because I told him to let me go


5. Bogglobster has one story in case anyone still thinks catcalling is okay.

The amount if times I've had to tell people to stop yelling out of my car window to girl on the street is pretty sad. You look like a fool trying to impress anybody hanging out the side of a Neon. I dont understand what anyone tries to gain in that moment

6. Seriously, guys? You're hungry and thirsty? PlantaAliena doesn't have time for this.

I work part time at a restaurant that's huge for delivery orders. The amount of guys who ask me out over the phone is extremely uncomfortable. I'm not flirting. I'm just being polite and trying to get your order. Guys will frequently say stuff like "I'm sorry but you just have a sexy/pretty voice and I wanted to let you know." It's inappropriate and so unnecessary.

I have to ask for their phone number so the delivery driver can call them and they'll say stuff like "Only if I can get yours!"

Or "You have my address. You should stop by after work. When do you get off?" What the fuck you have no idea what I look like! I could be ugly as hell.

My least favorite is when I ask "Anything else I can help you with?" and they reply "Depends, can you be delivered with the pizza?"

Whenever I get upset or don't respond well to these remarks, they always insist they're just trying to be nice.


7. VakarianBottleBlast needs you to know you're not being a gentleman.

Following me to my car/house/next class when I say I'm fine. You may think it's protective of me, but I said no and YOU might actually be what I'm trying to get away from.

8. He totally agrees with you on this one, Kahtoorrein.

Agreeing with everything I say. I have a male friend who does this - never disagrees with me, never brings up any controversial topics, always expresses interest in what I express interest in even if I know he doesn't like it, never talks about his hobbies, and basically matches himself to me in every way he can. I know he thinks he's relating to me and trying to make sure I like him, but it comes off as a fuckboi move. A "I want to stay in your good graces so you'll let me hit that". A "I'm so insecure in myself that I feel like I need to conform myself to this girl so she'll like me". It's very creepy. Not to the "going to wear your skin as a suit" point of creepy, but the "I'm secretly stalking you and copying what you do" point of creepy


9. ImNotAnAnimal comes through with the classic.

Telling me to smile when I have a straight face or when I'm frowning.

10. ALWAYS_TELLING_LIES is being honest this time.

A good morning text, every, single, day!

EDIT: I'm talking about guys that do this when we're not in a relationship.

EDIT 2: Fuck that trashy scank, Dianna

11. Yeah, jewelrider, this is strange.

When someone speaks in absolutes romantically about you when you aren't even dating, especially upon hearing a woman being "mistreated" to try to impress. I hate these even from partner, but it is 100x worse from a creeper.

"I would never leave you." "I would always treat you right." "I would never do that to you."

Also, any form of "white knighting".


12. Heart-cooks-brain is just wondering how friendly your work-hug really is.

I worked with a supervisor once, nice guy, but he liked to get hugs from all the female employees. He wasn't grabby or anything, always respectful, but you knew when he was coming in for a hug. Every day.

Nobody really took issue with it, but it became weird to me when I got involved with a coworker, and then all of a sudden he's making a deal about how he can't hug me anymore.

So, uhm, are these hugs friendly? Cause if they are, they're for everyone and are no big deal. If you're worried about what my SO would think of our hug, then maybe your wife wouldn't appreciate you wrapping your arms around every young set of tits in the building.


13. Stop batting your eyelashes at Nymphthsis when she's trying to get to know you.

First date excessive eye contact or admiring looks, yes eye contact is nice and a good sign of respect, and I know your keen to show interest, but darling there's a fine line you crossed into creepy staring.

14. The makeup is for her benefit, not yours, says Laganjadelrey.

Not exactly "creepy" but a lot of guys are convinced that telling a girl that she doesn't need "all that makeup" is one of the nicest things you can say to a girl. Don't get me wrong, it can be super nice for girls who genuinely think they need makeup or won't go out in public without it. But if a girl is wearing really dark makeup or makeup that is obviously not very natural, we're probably not wearing it because we feel self conscious without it. Makeup is an artistic outlet for a lot of women and personally, it's the one thing I do in the mornings a few days a week that is really fun for me and it's frustrating when guys can't see it as anything more than a girl trying to look prettier. Believe me- I know I probably look more conventionally attractive without bright purple eyeshadow but I don't really care because it's so fun to put on!


15. And seriously, what does this mean, DoritosLocos?

Getting honked at/stopping your car to talk to me while I'm out running. Also telling me I'm "too pretty to have a boyfriend" when I'm out with friends. What the fuck does that even mean?