Twitter nearly lost its mind this week when they thought someone's boss tried hand her the real-life equivalent of a dick emoji: a giant zucchini, hand-delivered to her desk, along with a wink.

A zucchini is just one color away from being an eggplant, and eggplant is just one text message away from being a penis, so the tweet went viral as comments poured in telling Zoe to run to H.R. for a settlement.


But the layers to this internet-vegetable-culture-come-to-life story keep piling.

Because the eggplant-giver was not a pervy old man, as you may have assumed, but a nice older woman who just loves to garden.


Context is everything. Zoe knew the woman was joking, obviously, and not trying to pass off some meticulously grown vegetation as a sext come to life.

And here's definitely a world in which it's not okay to wink about some massive phallic food, but Zoe's workplace is the rare instance when it's fully appropriate to pass along a giant zucchini with a smirk in the middle of the workday.

Now Zoe's just enjoying the viral moment (and kind of wishing the assumptions had been right).

All in all, the story raised some interesting questions about assumptions, vegetables, and just how easy it is to trick the internet. And we could all use a refresher on appropriate workplace conduct, right?