Getting paid $29 million a year gives you some leeway to speak your mind.

John Legere is the CEO of T-Mobile, and here's something I never thought I'd type: he really made me like T-Mobile today. I'm sure that feeling will fade soon, but Mr. Legere tapped into something very fundamental to my soul in his address to industry journalists at a press conference, which is my fanatical hatred of telecom companies (in this case, the ones besides T-Mobile). 

Some people think that claiming that the people who run AT&T and Verizon are "raping you for every penny" because "they f***ing hate you" went a bit too far. I admit, I really don't like rape comparisons of any kind, and maybe it was too far. I also admit that I loathe the people he's talking about so much that I will probably overlook it.