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Best fans of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Best fans of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


The 2022 FIFA World Cup has kicked off in Qatar, and every team has played group-stage games. While the games have been intense and upsets have occurred, the fans who have traveled have also shown their pride and colors. These fans have shown that the World Cup is lucky to have them present supporting their teams.

5. Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian fans provided one of the funniest moments at this year's World Cup after providing the biggest upset of the tournament. The 51st-ranked team in the world beat Argentina, ranked number 3 in the FIFA rankings.

This stunning upset prompted fans to celebrate this massive upset over the Lionel Messi-led Argentinians. As news teams converged to cover the celebrations, Saudi Arabian fans gave us this moment:

After the big win, Saudi Arabia fans living off the high of beating one of the best in the world proceeded to troll Lionel Messi asking where he was. The Argentinian talisman failed to lead his team to victory despite scoring a penalty.

4. Senegal and Morocco

The Senegalese and Moroccan fans will share this spot as they provided one of the most iconic moments at the 2022 World Cup.

While the two African nations did not play each other this World Cup, a Moroccan fan decided to watch Senegal play Ecuador in their decisive Group Stage match. The game was quite good as Senegal needed a win to advance and Ecuador a draw/win. The game had three lead changes before Senegal clinched with a goal from team captain Kalidou Koulibaly. During the game, this moment was captured on TV, and the internet went ablaze:

Prompting some funny reposts:

To be fair to that Morrocan fan, it is very hard not to fall in love with this Senegalese team:

3. Ecuador

The fans of the South American country opened the World Cup against Qatar with a 2-0 win. Qatar has rescinded its promise to sell beer at stadiums during the tournament, much to the chagrin of many soccer fans.

Ecuador fans took the opportunity to voice their discontent with Qatar's decision.

While Ecuador opened the tournament with a win over Qatar and a draw against the Dutch they were eliminated after a heartbreaking loss to Senegal (more on that later). But even after the loss, Ecuadorean fans were spotted cleaning up after themselves despite the defeat.

2. Japan

Japan has had a brilliant World Cup so far. The Japanese faced an uphill battle in what was considered an impossible group to climb out of, facing juggernauts Spain, Germany, and a sneakily dangerous Costa Rican team. However, the Japanese rose to the challenge beating both Germany and Spain while suffering a tough loss to the Costa Ricans to finish top of their group.

Their fans have been similarly impressive as some of the most respectful fans in all of sport. Despite having everything to celebrate after defeating two of the world's best teams, fans found time to do this:

@90min Japanese fans 🀝 Cleaning the stadium #90min #worldcup2022 #qatarworldcup2022 ♬ original sound - 90min

This is nothing new for the Japanese fans as they did the same thing in 2018 in Russia even after suffering shocking defeats that eliminated them from the tournament.

1. Germany

Germany has had a disappointing tournament, but their fans and players have held themselves in high regard. The 2022 World Cup is riddled with scandals, from the accusations of bribery that won Qatar the bid, the myriad human rights violations in building the stadiums to Qatar's anti-gay policies that don't provide a safe space for queer soccer fans to enjoy the tournament.

German fans before the tournament even began, called for a boycott of the tournament in the Bundesliga (German soccer league).

And the calls for boycotting weren't just from one fan group but from many different teams putting human rights above rivalries.

Before the tournament began, several teams had planned to make their team captains wear a 'One Love' armband to support gay rights and gay soccer fans. However, FIFA issued a rule that would force referees to give any player wearing a 'One Love' armband an automatic yellow card, putting that team at a disadvantage.

The German national team issued its one protest of this censorship during their pre-game picture.

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